Simplify XT ONE Trike


 Brand New Simplify XT ONE Trike for sale

Simplify XT ONE Trike

Our super lightweight titanium trike reflects our entire philosophy. Simplify, because it's just easy. Clack, clack, clack. Click, click, click, click and you're done! With just a few simple steps, the small system turns into a great trike. Without tools!

The XT One is a lightweight titanium trike, barely larger than a conventional paramotor, and can be easily transported in any car. Without a tool, the trike is set up in just a few minutes and assembled ready for take-off. The low center of gravity and the wide rear axle ensure stable rolling and good start-up correction phases.

The XT One gives you the opportunity to use your existing paramotor on the trike. For our Titanium frame of the X-series, there is a special mounting kit with which you can fix your Paramotor X2 or X3 in seconds.


  • Simplify Trike XT ONE with harness

More options

  • Motor adapter plate with guard ring
  • Adapter for Simplify Paramotor
  • Transport bag for compl. Trike (without engine)
  • Storage pocket behind pilot seat 30L

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