Simplify XE Paramotor


We Provide Brand New Simplify XE Paramotor with International Warranty


Simplify XE Paramotor


Electric Paramotor 62 Ah Price : US $5.950

Electric Paramotor 75 Ah Price : US $6.050

Maintenance- and vibration-free fly to the base - with electric power! With our Simplify XE Paramotor, we take an electrical step towards the future. The extremely quiet electric motor is maintenance-free and is characterized by its vibration-free running smoothness. Like all products in our X series, the innovative XE is supported by an ultra-light titanium frame. Optionally with comfort or light adventure harness.

XE 62 = 62Ah battery
Flight time (depending on pilot weight and size of paraglider) up to 55 minutes

XE 75 = 75Ah battery

Flight time (depending on pilot weight and size of paraglider) up to 70 minutes


to materials, harness, propeller and delivery condition!


The frame parts of the Simplify-PPG X-Series are made of high-strength and very elastic titanium. The entire frame weighs only 2.98 kg. The push rods, as well as various small parts are milled from high-strength aluminum CNC. The spreader bars are made of very light carbon fiber. The cage and the protective net can be mounted ready to fly in just a few steps.


The modern harnesses of the X-Series are available in a comfort or lightweight version. Both are made of high-strength rip-stop Codura. The comfort harness has a seat board and the lightweight version a hammock system (split leg). The adjustable harnesses are available in two sizes, size M up to 185 cm and size L from 180 cm body size.

simplify-ppg offers a high quality carbon propeller for all engines. The different models are developed and manufactured in cooperation with Helix.


All Simplify PPG paramotors are shipped ready assembled. If body size and pilot weight are specified when ordering, this will be taken into account during assembly.

The delivery includes:

Helix carbon propeller Rescue Equipment Container (standard size) Protective bag for frame Protective bag for propellers tool bag Manual and much more on USB stick


All simplify paramotors are made with the highest quality materials to ensure a flawless product. The warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase.

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