Fresh Breeze X-ONE Trike - 4 T Engine


 Brand New Fresh Breeze X-ONE Trike - 4 T Engine for sale


Fresh Breeze X-ONE Trike - 4 T Engine

The new single-seater trike X-ONE No ground is too uneven No student too inexperienced No pilot too large No journey is too long Lots of great features that makes it easy incomparable.

 Which engine is the best for me:

The Swissauto 4T 250  is the strongest in the series.His 28.2 kw and the 3 blade propeller with 1.40 m provide the engine a powerful boostThe fuel consumption is extremely low and his 4-valves technology with the electronic fuel injection system is innovative in the paramotor world. The noise level is very low.

The X-ONE provides security, diversity in the engine choice, convenience and maximum seating - and flight comfort

The tank has a capacity of 28 liters. A continuous flight time up to 9 h are possible.

It´s a full suspension trike.

The shock absorbers have a long suspension travel up to 25 cm

The damper eat all irregularities and grant safely take off´s and landing´s for pilot and gear.



The rear wheelbase of 175 cm provides high stability for the Trike.The axle is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and represents additional suspension travel.






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X-ONE Trike - 4 T
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