Fly Products Vertigo Base Trikes


 Brand New Fly Products Vertigo Base Trikes for sale

Fly Products Vertigo Base Trikes

The trike Vertigo is designed to be particularly strong and stable during all phases of takeoff and landing.
Its low center of gravity makes it very stable in all the maneuvers.
In flight surprises its ability to counteract the torque effect due to the rotation of the propeller.
The seat is very comfortable. The front is adjustable and adapted  to the height of several pilots.

On this Trike is possible to install any paramotor Fly Products.

Technische Details

Modello VERTIGO    
Engine type MINI 3 Mini 2 Moster 185 Black Devil Thor 200 Thor 250
Weight kg 35 without engine
Fuel tank lt 16
Propeller length cm 130-150
Overall dimensions LENGTH = cm 
Overall dimensions WIDTH = cm 172
Overall dimensions HEIGHT = cm 162-182

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Vertigo Base
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