Advance Pi 2 Glider


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Advance Pi 2 Glider

Thermik The Advance Pi 2 is compact, light, excellent climbing characteristics with maximum safety: In its Thermal Range the Pi 2’s quiet and pitch-stable canopy is very comfortable to fly, and its small packed dimensions make it suitable for travel. The 23 and 27 version is also recommended as a first light glider. The reduced line set up gives the Pi 2 impressive performance. Hike&Fly Easy to carry, easy to prepare, easy to handle: The Hike & Fly Range is directed at the pleasure-seeking pilot and hiker who wants to concentrate on what’s important in life - enjoying time spent in the mountains. “Air Scoop Technology” and semicircular intakes work together in this weight range to give the PI 2 a high degree of passive safety with agreeable flight characteristics. MiniWing Minimum weight and maximum wing loading: In its Miniwing Range the PI 2 conveys the Actionwing’s sense of speed. Pure dynamics alone can provide maximum flying fun; then we can add high speed contour chasing, strong wind soaring or an ultralight descent device for the alpinist: the miniwing’s very precise and concise handling needs a careful expert who is also an experienced pilot, naturally.

  • The X-Alps Gen: Sliced Diagonals
  • ADVANCED Air Inlet DesignsM

Standard Colors: White, Orange & Pacific (blue), as pictured. Other colors available.


Advance ALPHA 6
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